February 21st 2024

Accent Flowers

Consider Adding Flowers

When dreaming up wedding flowers, it's easy to remember the main items - bouquet, centerpieces, ceremony florals. But often there are places or details that are overlooked or not thought of until the last minute such as the bar, dessert table, signs, etc.

Here are a few common areas you may want to consider adding flowers as well as some unique ideas to inspire your planning!

The Bar & Cocktail Tables

Give your guest some beautiful flowers to look at while they wait for their drinks. Place upgrowing pieces from your ceremony nearby or in front of a bar cart. Place medium arrangements or bud vases near drink signs to draw guests' attention or place them on/around a champagne wall.

Seating Chart

Add some fresh flowers to your seating chart or welcome sign. Opt for a small cluster or vining greenery that attaches to your signage. Repurpose some ceremony pieces to sit in front of a large sign. Or, if your sign can accommodate it, we can also make some larger clusters of flowers to attach on different points (like the bottom photo) or a small upgrowing piece to sit inside a planter box.

Guest Book & Memorial Tables

Dress up your guest book table or honor your loved ones with flowers at the memorial table. Add a medium or upgright arrangement to sit next to signage or photos on the table.

Lounge & Cocktail Tables

Make your lounge space even more inviting with a vase of fresh flowers. Cluster a few bud vases or small arrangements or select a 6" cylinder for a larger coffee table.

If you're planning to have some high top tables, be sure to account for some bud vases or petite arrangements for those, too!

Cake & Dessert Table

We recommend one order of cake flowers for every tier. This ensures that there are enough blooms for a cluster on each tier. Order a little extra if you want flowers spiraling up the cake.

You may also consider moving flowers from your ceremony to some place near your dessert table - like how we set the deconstructed arbor behind the table below. If you have large, upgrowing pieces, we can move them to sit in front of the dessert stand or table. Or opt to decorate with a medium arrangement or bud vases.

Detail Shots

Most photographers we know love having flowers to use in detail shots. We can provide a handful of stems (listed as cake flowers in the planning tool) to make sure that the flowers are cohesive with the rest of your wedding.