Flower Care

How to Maximize the Beauty of Your Flowers: 

Flower care with Songbird is simple. We provide you with completely designed pieces. Your bouquets will be ready to be carried down the aisle, boutonnieres ready to pin, and decor perfect to place onto tables.


In the hours before your event, keep your flowers in a cool location out of direct sunlight.

Flower Transportation:

If you’re transporting your flowers, they’ll ideally go in a closed, air conditioned vehicle (no open truck beds, please!). Remember, your car gets hot quickly even on mild days, so do not leave your flowers in your car.


As much as it’s possible, wait to put decor flowers out until an hour or two before the event, especially on hot days.

Bridal Bouquets:

We provide your bouquets in vases. When you’re not holding your bouquet, keep it in the vase so your flowers can get a drink.