Groom wearing floral boutonniere
January 20th 2021

Boutonnieres and Corsages

Boutonnières and corsages offer a way of honoring ceremony participants and other important friends and family members at your wedding.

Traditionally, boutonnières are worn by men and corsages by women. Corsages are fuller and more floral in design and are offered in two styles, pinned (to be worn on clothing), and wrist (to be worn like a bracelet).

Here's a list of people to keep in mind when making your floral plan:

  • Groom and groomsmen
  • Officiant
  • Other ceremony participants--ushers, reader, bride's escort
  • Couple's parents
  • Couple's grandparents
  • Any other VIPs you want to honor

To avoid confusion or hard feelings, make sure to account for all parents and grandparents, including step-family for both you and your significant other.

Start your order with the bare minimum, then add more as needed closer to your date.