July 27th 2023

Bridesmaids Bouquets

Many couples opt to purchase personal flowers for their bridal party. It’s a nice way to celebrate your support crew and looks great when everyone is standing together during your ceremony. We have a few different bridesmaid bouquet options at Songbird Floristry to fit your party. 

6” Hand Tie 

The 6” hand tie bouquet is a pared-back, smaller version of the bridal hand tie. All the foliage and blooms stay above your hands and it does not have a front or back. This bouquet is a versatile option, we can do anything from an organic, wild silhouette to something more traditional and structured or somewhere in between! We’ll discuss this in our consultation. 

All Greenery 

We use a few different types of greenery to create a lush, textured, simple bouquet for your bridal party.  

All Greenery with Statement Blooms 

This option is that happy-medium between the 6” Hand Tie and All Greenery bouquets. We use a few stems of a single variety bloom in one color and a mix of greenery for texture.  

Single Varietal Clutch 

Our most minimalistic option. We use one type of flower in a single color, (typically 5-7 stems per clutch). This option does not include greenery.  

We recommend the single varietal clutch if you envision a minimal design for your wedding. It also works great if you have a large bridal party. Or consider alternating the single varietal clutch and all greenery bouquets.  

The single varietal clutch also works well for Junior Bridesmaids, mothers/grandmothers who would rather carry flowers than wear a corsage, and as an offering to marry for Catholic ceremonies. 

Other Options 

Every wedding is unique and we want to work with you to ensure that your flowers fit your style and personality. If you have a different idea in mind for your members of your party then let’s schedule a consultation to discuss!