table of flower centerpieces
December 27th 2023

Farm-to-Vase with Minimal Greenery

Minimal Greenery in Farm-to-Vase Styling

At Songbird, we typically design in a style that we describe as "farm-to-vase". We use a lot of flowers & foliage from our field in the majority of our floral designs which leads to a lot of unique colors, textures, and shapes.

Recently, we've been noticing the trends moving away from using a lot of greenery in designs and we wanted to showcase some great examples of how we achieve a minimal greenery design in our signature farm-to-vase style.

Nishi & Joey at Blockhouse

Nishi & Joey wanted a lot of bright yellows balanced with soft yellows & whites. We created a base with goldenrod, yellow yarrow, and wax flower. We then added more coverage and dimension with white dahlias & carnations, a few big center-less sunflowers, yellow spray roses, and craspedia.

The Chungs at Grey Gables Estate

For The Chung wedding at Grey Gables, they wanted primarily white flowers in centerpieces and personal flowers. However, for the aisle pieces, they requested a few pops of soft yellow.

We didn't use any foliage in the upgrowing pieces, instead we filled in with chamomile, baby's breath and sweet william, created height and texture with bells of ireland & delphinium, and used a mix of goldenrod, stock, scabiosa, cosmos, campanula, and craspedia to create a lush, garden effect. We loved how well the colors & styling fit their venue.

Meredith & John at 19 Acres Cider Co

Meredith and John were all about color for their September wedding! We used a mix of big blooms such as hydrangea, dahlia, and lily to create volume as well as smaller colorful blooms like roses, zinnia, and marigolds. We also used cosmos and forget-me-nots for added texture and airy-ness. Everything still feels organic and farm-to-vase without much foliage or greenery.

Amelia & Michael at Oregon Golf Club

Michael & Amelia envisioned an English-style garden party wedding. We used flowers in a pastel color palette and opted for chamomile instead of greenery for the bridesmaid bouquets. Instead of a greenery chandelier, we built a multi-tiered, textural flower chandelier with marigolds, carnations, roses, delphinium, baby's breath, and chamomile.