wedding couple
January 6th 2021

Order Timing

Still not sure if you're ready to order? Here's how the whole process works.

  1. Planning tool. It will help guide you so you don't forget any details. Start with the bare minimum number of items. You can add more as needed.
  2. Consultation. Via phone, virtual, or in person - conditions permitting - we'll go over everything with you to make sure you feel comfortable with your order and answer any questions you may have. (This can be done before or after booking.)
  3. Book. Complete your order to finalize your booking and reserve your date. Our booking deposit is 50% of your initial order value.

We encourage you to book as soon as you are able. Many couples book a year or more in advance, most couples book 7-11 months out from the big day. We keep our online calendar up to date, so you can check availability for your date anytime. The only way to guarantee your date is to book.

We totally understand that booking all of your vendors at once can be a heavy financial lift. We do all booking through the website with credit or debit cards, which may provide a little more flexibility. You can also pare back your order to a smaller initial amount and add things back in after you make your initial deposit. If you choose to go this route, we suggest prioritizing any custom items on your plan to ensure we reserve everything that you need (our rental stock is limited, first-come, first served, and onsite installations often require special staffing that can be difficult to accommodate last minute).

We'll contact you 4-6 weeks out from your date to confirm final details (including anything that was left open ended from your previous consultation).

You'll have up until 2 weeks before your date to make any last-minute changes and pay your final balance.

Still have questions? Let’s chat!