a large floral arrangement at the base of a seating chart
July 27th 2023

Songbird on a Budget: How to get the most out of your investment

Tips for getting the most out of your floral budget

Whether you have a strict flower budget or are working with more flexibility, we want to help you get the most out of your options. There are a lot of creative ways to repurpose your arrangements if you're open to thinking outside the box a bit! 

Ceremony flowers transform into reception flowers 

Our first suggestion for stretching your floral budget is to consider certain arrangements that can be repurposed throughout your event.  

For example, instead of ordering a custom arbor installation, opt for a couple of large, upgrowing arrangements to serve as your ceremony backdrop. Then after the ceremony, have someone* move them to your sweetheart table, guest book table, or another location where it will be appreciated by you and your guests. This works well with wine barrel arrangements, too. 

Want centerpieces and chair flowers? Order the chair flowers and then have them repurposed to your dinner tables after the ceremony. They look especially great on 8 foot round tables! 

*Discuss this option with your coordinator to see if it's included in their services.

Opt for pick-up 

Picking up your order can save a couple hundred dollars on your final bill. We suggest asking someone to assist with this task, you have a lot going on already! So, call up a friend or family member with a trusty (air conditioned) SUV or van and we’ll be ready with all of your arrangements to greet them. 

If you decide to do a pick-up, we encourage you to order items that don’t require installation. Also, make sure whoever is picking up has a vehicle large enough to carry your order and can keep your flowers cool and out of direct sunlight until you need them. 

Two paths 

There are many ways to utilize our planning tool to figure out what you want for your wedding. Think of your options as having two paths: order off the menu or customize it.  

  • Order off the menu: select only options that are in the planning tool so you know exactly how much everything will cost. In our consultation, we can discuss how to utilize your selections to get the most out of everything if you’re interested. 
  • Customize it: this option is great if you’re envisioning a flower cloud to hang over your sweetheart table or if you want an arbor installation for your ceremony. During our consultation, we’ll discuss your vision and how to make it a reality. 

Focus on you 

This day is about you and your partner and making sure the vibe is suited to your personal styles and tastes. The best way to stay within your budget is to talk to your vendors and let us know what your budget is - we can help find the best ways to get the most out of your budget.