February 11th 2021

How Many Centerpieces Should I Order?

Determining the number of centerpieces you'll need can be tricky. Here is some info to help you get started.

1. Confirm with your venue or rental company the size of the tables you'll be using and how many chairs they seat. As a rule of thumb, standard 60" round tables seat 8 people, and rectangular 8' tables seat 8-10 people (4 on each side and 1 on each open end).

2. Make a conservative estimate on how many guests will attend. Start with the number of people you are inviting, reduce that number by 15-25% (keeping in mind factors like travel requirements and the school calendar).  

3. Head table or sweetheart? It is most common to choose a different decoration design for these tables from your standard guest tables. This will likely impact your overall guest table centerpiece count. If you chose to sit just the two of you, your guest count is good as estimated. If you’re seating your bridal party with you at a long head table, decide whether or not you’ll also include their plus ones. Further reduce your table center count by the number of people you’re seating with you at the head table.  

4. Pare things back a little more. Reduce the count by another 10-20% to avoid ordering more than you need. Start your order at the bare minimum. You should keep a note for yourself that your final balance may be higher than your deposit, but ultimately, this approach will prevent you from buying more than you need.

5. Once your RSVPs come in, add more centerpieces to your order. You have until 2 weeks before your wedding date to make additions and updates to your order.

Tip: If you want table garland for your long tables, keep in mind if someone will be seated at either end. We make garland in custom lengths based on your specific needs.