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July 27th 2023

Discover Your Wedding Style

Discovering your style

Deciding on a theme or style for your big day can feel like an overwhelming decision - there are so many beautiful ways to have a wedding! But being able to communicate your style to vendors is an important factor in making sure we are all on the same page with your vision and allows us to offer suggestions if needed. It also helps us to make sure we are selecting appropriate flowers and foliage for your event.  

To help you visualize some different options, we’ve collected examples of different style combinations (modern boho, glam garden party, etc). We encourage you to click through different styles that interest you to help narrow down the theme you want for your day or to find inspiration. However, every wedding is unique – including yours – and we will work with you to bring your vision and personal style to life.  

free-spirited, incorporates elements of nature, lots of interesting shape & texture

Boho styling is generally described as free-spirited, organic, and wild. We incorporate elements of nature such as pampas, dried fern, grasses, and sage or dark green foliage. The arrangements for boho weddings usually have a lot of interesting textures and shapes.

Garden Party
fresh, textural, and lush with a balance of blooms and foliage

Garden party encapsulates events that are full of lush, textural details. There's a balance of blooms and foliage throughout the arrangements. Garden party is generally playful with organic shapes and vibrant colors.

soft, voluminous blooms with a soft color palette

Romantic styles encompass more traditional wedding themes with soft, voluminous blooms and a more neutral color palette.

Woodland / PNW
Natural design style, lots of greenery and texture, inspiration of bark, moss, and fern

We take a lot of inspiration from the forested areas of the Pacific NW for woodland styled weddings and events such as fern, evergreen, and other foliage native to the area.